Birthday Parties & Corporate Events


Birthday Parties

Power Wagon Laser Tag comes to you! Want something fun but active for the kids or big kids?  We bring it right to you! Up to 20+ “recruits”  receive instructions from our Game Coach / Referee about how to use the Taggers. Then it’s time for  rules of play and the battle is on!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe Laser Tag Field is set up with a variety of pop up bunkers. The recruits can play Free for All, Team Battle, VIP and other game play with 8 built-in weapon options. Each weapon battle mode includes a unique sound, has a different range, damage amount, clip size, and fire rate.

Corporate Events

Bring your team or customers together through fun!

Looking for a Team Building event? Or, maybe just a fun event to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work? Bring Power Wagon Laser Tag to your company parking lot, a park or athletic field  for hours of carefree, unique fun… we’re the ultimate in team-building challenge!

laser-tag-adultsYour colleagues will be impressed with our high-tech Battle Rifle Pro Laser Tag system!  They’ll get instructions from the Game Coach / Referee.  It’s an event that’ll not only bring out their healthy competitive nature, but it’ll be a great Corporate Event that they will remember forever. There’s hardly any prep time, just book your event and on the day you are scheduled for one of our friendly staff members will show up and get the good times rolling!

Laser Tag Party Pricing:

90 Min  Weekday Party for up to 12  (Monday – Thursday): $189*
90 Min Weekday Party for up to 22  (Monday – Thursday): $219*
2 Hour Weekday Party up to 12 (Monday – Thursday): $239*
2 Hour Weekday Party up to 22 (Monday – Thursday): $269*
90 Min Weekend Party for up to 22 (Friday – Sunday): $249*
2 Hour Weekend Party for up to 22 (Friday – Sunday): $299*
Additional hours $99

Additional Time:  $99/hour
* Plus any applicable Travel Surcharge.  See our Service Area page for more info.



Combination Laser Tag/Video Game Theater parties:

3-Hour Party ( 1 1/2 hours of each )
$499 (See our awesome Mobile Game Theater here! )
$99 each additional hour

Click here to book a combination party!

The Laser Tag Party that comes to you!